13 January 2015

New home for Coxco Labour Solutions

Coxco Labour Solutions has just opened a dedicated office space adjacent to Coxco’s head office and just in time for the export season.

Coxco Labour Solutions business manager Mutu Ngarimu says the new base will enable the team to deliver outstanding customer service during what he expects will be a busy few months.

“It’s really important that we have an operational space that suits the needs of our team, our customers and our clients,” he says.

“We expect to place several hundred people in to new roles this season, so we needed to make sure that, operationally, we’re at the top of our game. This new space gives us the capacity for that,” he says.

Coxco Labour Solutions specialises in temporary and outsourced labour solutions for the horticulture, silviculture, agriculture, food processing, transport and logistics, and manufacturing sectors.

Coxco Labour Solutions provides skilled staff, flexibility and mobility in a coordinated full-service package. Their vision is to develop their people to their full potential and, in doing so, offer the best labour solutions in the region.